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Accomplished Stylist Fashion Show

Mina, Nahid and Ashley have been tirelessly completing the Apprenticeship Program at Zazou. The Fashion Show is their final exam to become a full-fledged Accomplished Stylist on our floor. They have a minimum of 10 required models to showcase their skills that they have developed throughout the Apprenticeship and to demonstrate that they’re ready! They get to choose a theme to express their creativity and friends, family and team members joined in to enjoy the show! Their work is judged by our Master and Senior stylists and they are given feedback to help them continue to improve. Congrats to all three of you! It’s been a long hard journey but worth it!

Mina’s Show

Mina’s theme for her show was Christmas!

Nahid’s Show

It was a wintery wonderland for Nahid’s theme!

Ashley’s Show

Ashley went with an alternative country art deco theme!