Nahid | Accomplished Stylist

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9pm - 3pm
Lynn Valley

9am - 6pm
Lynn Valley




“Everyone can and should feel great about their hair. It is after all, your biggest accessory. I’ll help you find what makes you feel the best.”

Nahid started her hair journey studying hair at Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2015. She competed the hair program in 2016. After completing the program, she took some time off to get married (Weddings are a lot of work but so much fun! YAY!). She then applied at Zazou Salon and Academy as an apprentice in early 2018. Learning more, advancing her skills, and eventually moving into a Junior position, finishing her accomplished show, and becoming an Accomplished Stylist.

If you are looking for a beautiful Updo, Balayage, or Blowout, Nahid is an amazing choice. She loves classic, clean looks, and undone boho looks. She loves everything! As far as products go, Nahid has so many favourites but the top spot goes to Hydrating Spa Fluid or Luxury Spa Oil from La Biosthetique. Once you start using them, there’s no going back.

Nahid is a busy body, she’s always on the go! She loves music and dance is one of her major loves. She can (and probably will) dance till the party shuts down.

She is a Sagittarius! They are known for being leaders, creative, adventurous, independent, and honest.