Ashley | Stylist in Training

Hola, I’m Ashley. I have 2 cats who are my children (Dude & Wilfred). I love travelling and one day I want to backpack with my scissors & clippers and cut hair on Machu Picchu or other cool places that are out of the norm. I love doing men’s cuts and I’m super interested in barbering and colouring. I chose Zazou because of the education, it’s well known and guest’s love it!


Travelling, craft beer tasting/wineries, and CATS!

Favourite Food:

Sushi, chinese, candy EVERYTHING!

Favourite Music:

Country or rap.

Favourite Drink:

Caesars & Strawberry Milkshakes.

Favourite Movie:

Hannah Montana The Movie…its the best (I’m serious).

Zodiac Sign:

Leo (sorry). Loud and outgoing.