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What is Dermosthetique Skincare?

A brand new line of salon exclusive skincare form LaBiosthetique! Zazou is so excited about this launch! We have listed the products below with some of their signature features. Feel free to come in and try our Mini Mask Facial to fall in love with these products for yourself!

Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam :
As gentle as a milk and as efficient as soap, Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleansing Foam perfectly meets this requirement. The light and airy foam cleanses the skin so gently that it is even suitable for the eye area and sensitive skin types, all thanks to its mild surfactants based on oat proteins and moisturising hyaluronic acid. Sugar beet betaine reduces transepidermal water loss, namely the skin’s loss of moisture during washing, and protects the skin against negative environmental influences.
Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner:

Hyaluronic acid supplies invigorating moisture and lastingly protects t

he skin against dehydration. The pores of the hydrated skin remain open for longer and the skin is therefore ideally prepared to absorb the active ingredients of subsequent care products. At the same time, an extract of Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola, regenerates the skin and combats skin aging.

Vitamin C + Niacin Illuminating Concentrate:

Supported by a special skin-brightening hyaluronic acid, the combination balances out colour unevenness. It slows down melanin synthesis and combats excessive pigmentation. Stabilised Vitamin C clears the skin, neutralises oxidative damage such as that caused by UV radiation and protects the skin against new damage.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Concentrate:
As a true moisture booster, this hydro concentrate helps the skin to absorb and store as much valuable moisture as possible.
Long-chain hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the skin, short and ultra-short hyaluronic acid chains penetrate into deeper layers of skin and a cross-linked variant provides a huge moisture-binding capacity. In addition, red sea grass guarantees an ideal moisture supply for all skin types and leaves the skin feeling softer. Copper gluconate slows down the aging process of the collagen fibres, while natural disaccharides improve the skin structure.
Agave Inulin Lifting Concentrate:
Skin-firming hydro concentrate of agave inulin
AGE³ Instant Lifting Eye Patch:

Hydrogel Eye Patch will work wonders! Like a second skin, the nearly invisible hydrogel pad with glucomannan adheres to the skin and supplies its active ingredients precisely where they are needed. The skin of the eye contour is given plenty of moisture, and creases are padded out and smoothed as if by magic.

AGE³ Lifting Eye Cream

With its highly effective plant extracts, the innovative AGE³ complex stimulates the regeneration of the skin cells, reverses their glycation and neutralizes skin-aging free radicals

. An active ingredient combination of green tea, pomegranate and caffeine strengthens the firming effect and reduces dark undereye circles. A fermented probiotic oat extract provides lasting support for the microbiome of the sensitive eye contour.

AGE³ Redefining Lip Balm

The balm formulation of AGE³ Complex Redefining Lip Balm combats this process. The innovative AGE³ complex of powerful plant extracts reverses the glycation, neutralises skin-aging free radicals and firms the lip contour. Valuable lipids keep the sensitive skin soft and supple. Encapsulated hyaluronic acid and a plankton extract bind moisture, pad out fine lines and increase the lip volume – for a youthful, firm contour and kissable lips.