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10 Things Your Hair Needs

Caring for your hair doesn’t have to have to be unnecessarily complicated. In fact, you can still possess beautiful hair simply by avoiding certain hair care no-nos.

  1. Getting A Haircut Or A TrimIf your hair looks untidy all the time, hasn’t any shape, tangles quickly or gets into those single knots way too often – you are definitely overdue for a haircut appointment. This is especially so if you want long and manageable hair.It has been said before and we will say it again your hair will, ultimately, be assuredly longer if you get a trim regularly – not because it will grow more swiftly, but simply because those ends will not be breaking or splitting as frequently.
  2. Please Do Not DIY- Dye It Yourself!DIY colouring can be forgiven when a sudden need or whim arises (but try for a last minute cancellation appointment at Zazou first!). However, generally speaking, colouring your hair is a definite no-no unless you happen to be a professional hairdresser or at least have professional knowledge to know exactly what you are doing. Box dyes can be really harsh and over process and could delay a stylist being able to do your hair further!
  3. Stop Styling Or Brushing Wet HairWhen the human hair is wet, that is when it’s most susceptible to breakage as it is very fragile at that point. If you wish to check this for yourself the next time you happen to wash your hair, pick one strand and try to break the strand. You will discover that it breaks and stretches much more easily when wet as compared to when it is dry. Your hairbrush too does the same thing, only instead of breaking one strand it breaks hundreds!
  4. Clean Your Dirty Hair Brush Every time we brush our hair, loads of dead skin cells end up in our brush, unseen to the naked eye. However, did you know that these dead skin cells create the perfect environment for the growth of all sorts of bacteria? These will get reintroduced to your scalp if you do not clean your hairbrush regularly, leaving your hair greasy or even infected. A nice rinse with warm soapy water will do your brush and your hair good!
  5. Washing Hair Less Often And In Not Very Hot WaterNot everyone knows this but our scalp possesses glands that produce natural oils which are essential for thick, shiny, and healthy hair. Having said that, hot water can remove these essential oils, making your hair brittle and dry. Over-washing, too, will end up doing the same. Make sure you are using the right products and consult your stylist about what kind of wash routine you should have.
  6.  Changing Hair Care Products With Change In HairToday we have a whole lot of choices of products in the market- for thin hair, coarse hair, dry hair, oily hair, colored hair, damaged hair or hair with dandruff. And for good reason! If you’ve coloured your hair, your hair now needs extra special care for preserving the colour and preventing any potential damage. Things like pregnancy, weather changes and even changes in eating habits can affect changes in your hair.
  7. Brushing Your Hair Frequently And From The RootsWe’ve all heard the saying that brushing your hair 100x will make it more beautiful however, brushing from the roots not only ends up creating knots and breaking hair, it also weakens the roots. Overbrushing too does similar damage.
  8. Sporting A Tight Hairstyle Very OftenIf you tie your hair tightly very often, you may end up damaging your hair permanently as this pulls the hair from the very roots. If you prefer a ponytail, switch the style – alternate each day with a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ ponytail or try a claw clip!
  9. Sun Protection We should rarely forget to use sunscreen for our skin while outdoors, but we often forget to shield our hair from sun damage! If your hair looks and feels dry and discolored, then UV radiation is most probably the culprit. There are lots of product on the market that can help combat this damage you can ask your stylist about them!
  10. Avoid Chlorine and Salt WaterThe chemicals in chlorine and salt water causes damaging effects to your hair resulting in dry, brittle strands. To prevent damage, rinse your hair with cool water before taking a dip and put some leave in conditioner on. The cool water will coat your hair and protect it and the conditioner will help seal any follicles.Now you are on your way to healthier hair! Have questions about anything in this post? Ask one of our stylists at your next appointment at Zazou!