Masks Work! Two hairstylists who had coronavirus in Missouri saw 140 clients. No new infections have been linked to the salon, officials say

We have been watching closely what’s going on around the world with all the new normal protocols put in place and distancing rules. Two stylists in Missouri who tested positive for COVID-19 saw 140 clients and not one tested positive or developed symptoms. This is because the Hair Salon and the stylists followed the new protocols of wearing masks and spacing out their stations.

A study done by Lancet Medical Journal said the chance of transmission of COVID-19 without a face mask was 17.4%, while that fell to 3.1% when a mask was worn. That is why we are continuing to encourage that our guests and team wear face masks to help keep each other safe. The Consultations Forms required to be filled out with every service not only pre-screens our guests but also is how we have effective tracing methods.

We encourage you to read the full article by CTV News by clicking here!