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Spreading the Love

For many of us, a list of daily activities during the past year can be summed up by the following: always wearing sweatpants, struggling to work from home, trying our hand at the latest viral trends, or binging the newest show on Netflix. While these activities are socially safe and allow us to be comfortable in our own homes, for most of us they have become quite tedious. As the weather starts getting warmer and summer is once again approaching, here at Zazou we are counting on people being out and about in nature more and more (while still socially safe) to try and counteract some of these dreary daily routines. We acknowledge that by now people in our community are in dire need of a little pick-me-up.

In an attempt to spread the joy around our little North Vancouver neighbourhood, we decided to set a simple goal of putting smiles on people’s faces by decorating some of the most highly populated trails with birdhouses and rocks painted by our own team. Colourful pictures and designs, or uplifting sayings on these pieces, were strategically placed in nature to give people a little reminder that they are not alone in this pandemic. In just one afternoon spent on the trails, we intrigue people of all ages! Small children were giggling at the funny pictures and adults of all kinds stopped to thank us for what we were doing. In the past week or so since decorating our trails, we have been talking about this to people in passing, and so many of them have come back with pleasantly surprised responses telling us that they have seen these around! People have shared stories with us about how they have encountered small children captivated by the birdhouses as they look up or have seen North Van seniors crouching down to capture photos of nice messages on the painted rocks. Hearing all of this definitely brought a smile to our faces and we think, based on the feedback we have received, it is safe to say that we achieved our goal of making many others smile too! This has been even more important now in light of the recent events.

Next time you are out walking in Bridgman Park, Mosquito Creek, or Rice Lake be sure to keep an eye out for these treats from Zazou!