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Price Changes!

Notice your grocery bill has gone up? March 1st our colour prices have too by $5 to $15+

Some reasons why…

We haven’t raised our colour prices since 2017. What’s happened since then you ask?

Prices for salon supplies and colour have increased by 15%+

Health Tax has increased expenses by 3%+

Minimum wage has increased by 34%

Sick pay benefit increases expenses by 3%+

Covid impacted our revenue with an overall loss of 30% since 2020

How your receipt will look…

Full Foils (service): $135.00

Colour usage charge: $20.00 +/-

Combined Full Foils Total of $155.00+/-

Toner (service): $35.00

Colour usage charge: $25+/-

Combined Toner Total of $60.00+/-

What your receipt used to look like…

Full foils: $150.00 (average increase $5.00)

Toner: $45.00 (average increase $15.00)