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La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique was founded in the early 1950s, in Paris, by the biochemist Marcel Contier.  He developed the sensationally innovative “Culture of Total Beauty“ – a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, high-quality products and scientifically proven research. La Biosthetique Paris is a totally holistic concept for perfect beauty – a bold statement of products and services in harmony with environmental sustainability.

Siegfried Weiser, President and Owner of La Biosthetique and his family have pursued and expanded the values and business culture over the last 5 decades. Focusing on quality products crafted from natural high quality raw materials and intensive research.  To guarantee the highest performance and safety, all products are subjected to the strictest tolerability and efficacy tests at modern laboratories, without testing on animals.
Thanks to their unique and intensive education concept, La Biosthetique offers advanced knowledge and specialized skills to conduct expert and individual consultations and treatments.

La Biosthetique uses pure spa water from the Black Forest that rises from an artisan spring several hundred meters deep.
The individual mixture of minerals and micronutrients in combination with its preserved natural purity guarantee
outstanding product performance.

La Biosthetique is setting a new standard in natural beauty care. Committed to ecological responsibility, their scientists perform
intensive research to develop unique beauty products that combine biological purity and natural goodness with luxury pampering.

Product Benefits:La Biosthetique Styling Products

  • Products with up to 100% ingredients of natural origin
  • Pharmaceutical rated and controlled ingredients
  • Ingredients from certified organic cultivation
  • All offices and factories are powered by renewable energy
  • Post-recycled & recyclable packaging
  • Certified natural cosmetics for hair – Zero impact policy – (carbon-neutral) delivery of their products from their warehouse to their salons and spas – The carbon dioxide emissions generated by the delivery of their products in Europe are offset by the protection and reforestation of nature reserves in Costa Rica.


  • La Biosthetique colour has the lowest amonia content of all professional colour systems.
  • Active ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and chamomile are combined to create results, through the highest scientific methods possible, that are unequal!
  • Their new Micro-Pigment Technology enables extraordinary and impressive colour results due to a much smaller colour molecule.
  • Their production knowledge is unequal in the industry – giving a gentle and long lasting result while healing the hair structure.

Colour Results:

  • Long lasting results
  • Vibrant colours
  • Gentle and soothing to the scalp
  • Strengthens the hair structure
  • Outstanding shine and colour brilliance
  • Low amonia content
  • Up to 92% naturally derived compounds
  • High amounts of pure, natural ingredients – amino acid and vitamin E from coconut oils

La Biosthetique is a Total Beauty line and offers Skincare & Make up Products as well! 

It is their promise and statement ensuring customers with the highest quality. The european culture and family values reflect their perspective of lifestyle, fashion, art, history and perfectionalizm and believe in a respectful balance of profit, and environmental responsibility.

La Biosthetique is exclusively available in premier salons and spas.