Hair Trends 2017

We’re excited to be welcoming the new year! We’re eager to see the new hair trends for 2017. Check them out! Call us today and we’re happy to discuss with you what your new year hair should be! These trends were researched and pulled out of New York magazine and fashion magazines.

center-part-straight-hairStraight & Shiny

We’re going to see a lot of strong center parts and long flat ironed hair.

high-ponytailHigh Ponytails

Making a simple look elegant is the best way to head out for the day. Simply tie your hair up high and wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to make it a bit more glamourous.

shag-haircutThe Shaggy haircut

It’s a great haircut grown out a little. Parting the bangs in the center is a great throwback to the classic 90’s look and is nice and low maintenance. Let it grow out just over the shoulders for a more casual look.

ultra-long-hair-extensionsUltra long hair extensions

Hair extensions aren’t going anywhere. If anything they’re getting longer! This look can be achieved with Great Lengths keratin bond hair extensions, a good set of clip-ins, or tape-in extensions. Call and book a consultation today!

hair-flipFlip that hair!

Get a great cut and then flip it over to the side for extra volume.


We started to see a lot of bronde’s in 2016 and it’s only getting more and more popular. It’s great for spring because in some lights it looks blonde and in others brunette. It’s a great option if you don’t want to commit to one colour or the other.


short-textured-haircut-long-fringeShort Textured Cuts with Long Fringe

It’s fun to let that fade grow out a bit for a little texture and fullness. It’s stylish and low maintenance all at once.

Cool Comb Over Hairstyles Top 22 Comb Over Hairstyles For MenMedium Length Side Part Combover

A classic but a goody. The pompadours are getting longer! Who said combovers can’t be stylish?