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Zazou is super excited to be introducing @evohair to the Zazou family! They’re a family owned and operated brand from Australia that is quirky, fun and effective. Truly a product for hairstylists. Their values are Integrity, Simplicity, Innovation and Playfulness. They want to bring about change and create a movement of free thinkers who care about doing the right thing. Sound familiar? Their values and beliefs are very similar to our own!


Here’s some of our favourite info about their products!

❎Their products are free of all the bad stuff (sulfates, parabens, etc)
⁉️They’re gimmick free
😻Only tested on humans
🧴Packaging is recyclable and they use a better type of plastic called Green Pe – it’s created using sugarcane rather than fossil fuel and produces less green house gasses.
🌲Their brushes are made of hardwood so they are friends to our forests.
☀️They reduce their carbon footprint by using solar at an operational and manufacturing level
🤝They support those in need by donating obsolete stock to homeless shelters at a local level.

They tick all the boxes for us and we hope they do for you too!
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