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Upcoming Hair Trends 2021!

What trends can we expect coming into 2021? Here are you top six! Throw a funky colour in there! Why not? Just because we’re zooming doesn’t mean we can’t rock a trendy hairstyle!

The Mullet

Have you seen Miley Cyrus rock the look? Business in the front and party in the back!








The Shag

The return of the curtain bangs! We’ve seen the shag come and go and we’re seeing it come back in full force. Layers are the dominant feature of this cut as opposed to length. Add a curl and you’ve got a shag!








Shaggy Layers

Not ready to fully commit to a full on shag? Asking for some textured layers adds a bit of fun to your style while keeping it low maintenance.








Low Maintenance Haircut

Working remotely and not needing to style your hair every morning? Than you’re looking for a haircut that you can air dry or apply minimal heat to. If you have straight hair it’s best to go with a blunter cut to help weigh it down. For naturally wavy hair we suggest adding some face framing layers. For curly hair it’s key to think about shrinkage if you don’t want your style to be too short.







Hair Extensions

Looking for the hair of your dreams? Have you ever felt like your face framing layers feel a bit to fine and you want more volume? Have you wanted longer, fuller, thicker hair? This is a great option and what else are we spending our money on? We have many hair extension specialists on our team for keratin bonded extensions, tape-ins and clip-ins.








Going Natural

We’re seeing many transformations of our guests who are accepting their natural grey and silver. Many people have been growing out their natural roots and seeing just how beautiful their silver hair is. You don’t have to wait for it to grow out! We can help you. We’re seeing beautiful transformations and people are rocking their silver locks!