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To conclude the decade, we’ve put together a list of the top hair trends each year. These styles range from classic to creative, and from hot to not. Whether you liked them or didn’t, these top hair trends shaped the last decade and inspire our passion for fashion in the next. Which trend do you want to see carry over into the ’20s?

2010: The “Bieber” cut

With the release of the baby music video, every young guy was growing out their hair to match Justin’s iconic look. This cut brought not only style, but the compulsory need to throw your head back to get the hair out of your eyes.

2011: The perfect blowout

This year, Kate Middleton entered the royal family. Not only did we get a new duchess, but we also got some major fashion and hair inspo. Although blow outs have been around for ages, the duchess breathed a new life into having the perfectly quaffed, bouncy hair.

2012: Sleek pixie


Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, and Ginnifer Goodwin cut off their locks for a sleek, structured look. This look was a refreshing change from the long hair trends from the past few years. Any powerful woman who wanted a strong, low maintenance cut found the perfect choice for them.

2013: Creative braids

Long gone are the days of the simple braid. 2013 brought fancy braids to the forefront including rope braids, fishtail braids, and intricate patterns. People let their creativity shine with unique hair styles to show off their talent and individuality.

2014: Mermaid hair

Kylie Jenner popularized pastel ombré hair which has the luxury of being low maintenance while still including a pop of fun. For anyone hoping to show their creative side without the commitment.

2015: The man bun

The infamous man bun had been trying to gain relevance until finally breaking through in 2015 with stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Chris Hemsworth, and Hozier rocking this controversial style. Not all man buns are created equally ranging in size, placement, and position. The man bun is just as unique as the man. Would you like to see this trend come back in the next decade?

2016: Lemonade braids

In 2016 Beyonce shocked the musical world with a surprise album: Lemonade. A clip from the album features Queen B rocking long, luscious cornrows. This style has existed in cultures for ages but saw a fast resurgence which coined the trend’s name “lemonade braids”. Fans found many ways to make this look their own and rock their natural hair texture.

2017: High ponytail

Celebs everywhere were wearing this classic style. The high pony is a fun, flirty way to get your hair out of the way and out of your face. High ponies have basically been synonymous with Ariana Grande since she made this staple look part of her brand. Girls everywhere tried to mimic her look and have a long, luscious mane like Ariana. Did you know that her natural hair is short and curly? Her iconic ponytail originated when her hair was so damaged it looked “absurd” when wearing it naturally. The only way to hide all the extensions she put in was tying her hair way back. And voila! The Ariana Grande pony was born.

2018: Jaw length bobs

A cut to highlight your natural beauty. The jaw length bob leaves room to be more creative with your beauty choices without your hair getting in the way. We had celebs like Selena Gomez, Jourdan Dunn, and Margot Robbie showing they mean business with this powerful cut

2019: Return of the scrunchie

Love it or hate it, 2019 marked the return of the scrunchie. Not only are they cute, they’re also a great alternative to regular elastics causing hair to break and fall out.This trend ran rampant in Hollywood with stars like Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and even Jason Momoa were spotted with a scrunchie in their hair. Do you hope to see this trend carry on into the next decade?