Effective June 1st, 2023 Sunny’s prices are changing from $85+ to $90+ for haircuts

Sunny was born in Busan, South Korea and graduated college with a makeup diploma. Her passion for makeup found her working with magazines for photo shoots where she had to do hair and makeup at the same time, surprisingly she felt more enjoyment working with hair more than makeup.

After 1 year, she moved to Gangnam in Seoul (which is the most fashionable district) to build her career. She trained at Zone and Section Academy with wella professional color. Her hard work and perseverance quickly turned in to enjoyment as she was happy that she can make someone’s day better after getting their hair done. It’s one of a few things in the world that makes her heart beat and feel alive!

In 2014 she followed her heart to come to Vancouver and her new journey started.

Sunny always strives to help customers make their hair style easier to maintain at home and make their vision come to life. She always tells her guests how to style and she loves using evo salty-dog beach spray and haze volumizing powder.

One of Sunny’s specialties is doing perms, and she knows people often thinks of perms as an 80’s look, but that is not true! There are many people that haven’t had a perm in their life but once a person has had a good perm they always come back! Try a perm with her and you may become a perm addict!

Sunny is a mom of two adorable boys. Her life changed drastically after having kids. She never goes snowboarding anymore because she worries her joints will hurt and she never wants to deal with hangovers because her kids don’t have a snooze button! Anyone else understand this? Sunny truly loves motherhood and that can’t be replaced with anything!

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9am - 5pm
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