Sanaz started her journey into the hair community in 2018! Before this Sanaz was in a completely different field. She went to school to become a lawyer and she could successfully get her Masters Degree in Law. However, part of her always wanted something more than that. She wanted to be able to leave a piece of who she was in her work, so with the support of many friends and family, she was able to follow her childhood passion and turn her focus around to pursue hair. She attended lots of courses in Iran, such as Shakila Academy for Advanced education and training.

The passion of hair, colour and creating looks to help people be more expressive of themselves is what makes Sanaz continuously seek knowledge to aim to be one of the best. There really is no better feeling than seeing that smile in the mirror after your finished look.

Sanaz is happily married to the love of her life. She loves travelling and outdoor activities with her friends and family. She loves fashion and jewelry and follows new trends using different fashion materials. her favourite activity is exploring nature with her dog.

She is a Scorpio and is known for her leadership, positive personality and kindness.