“Life might not be perfect, but your hair can be!”

Rielle’s passion for hair started as soon as she learned how to braid. She attended the ITA Red Seal Full-Time Professional Hair Styling Program at Blanche Macdonald and graduated at the top of her class with honours. She is currently completing her Advanced Apprenticeship at Zazou and is well on her way to becoming an exceptionally talented hairstylist!

Her  favourite services to perform are highlights/babylights, but has well-rounded talent and extensive knowledge in all services she performs.

Rielle was born and raised on a small farm in Manitoba; she moved here when she was 10 but with her came a love for animals (especially dogs) and an appreciation for the country lifestyle. Rielle’s favourite book/movie series is Harry Potter!

Rielle is a Leo through and through (if you can’t tell by the pride in her lions mane). She has a bight, positive personality and knows what she wants, and what she’s looking for.

Hours / Location

Lynn Valley
Lynn Valley
10am - 8pm
Lynn Valley
9am - 6pm
Lynn Valley


Long/Thick Haircut

Rielle is giving a pop of colour to this fabulous clients hair!
Book not at Lynn Valley!
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Beautiful up-do by our lovely Rielle at Lynn Valley!
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