Nik has a knack for creative outlets! Nik teaches contemporary ballet, hip-hop, plays in a rock band, writes poetry, is a certified nail technician, and crochets–if you see any crochet decor at Zazou, that’s Nik! They also have a diploma in filmmaking and have no idea what to do with it.

Some products that Nik can’t live without are Evo’s ‘liquid rollers’ to moisturize and hold curls, and La Biosthetique’s ‘weightless conditioning oil’ for the best-smelling, shiniest hair!

Born at 11:11, blessed by the angels of course, Nik is a textbook December Capricorn. There’s nothing better than planning out every day down to the minute, and checking something off a to-do list. Nik should probably learn how to take a day off.