Effective Feb 15, 2024 Ken’s prices are changing from $65+ to $70+ for haircuts

“Improve your mental health with beautiful hair”

Hi, I’m Ken! I started in Japan in 2013 at Yamanashi Beauty School. I was working at Wreath Hair Salon in Japan as an Apprentice for 2 years before I moved to Vancouver in 2015. I was working at Hair Hive Spa as an Apprentice and then decided to go to London School in 2019 before I started working at Zazou!

My favourite services are men’s haircuts, especially skin fades and cornrows!

I love La Biothetique’s Long Cheveaux

I like to skateboard – I’ve spent half my life skateboarding! My favourite movies are the Avengers and Harry Potter. My personality is easy-going.

Scorpio’s are known for being tough minded and biting but they also have lots of positive characteristics that make them great friends and successful people overall.

Hours / Location

3pm - 9pm
Lynn Valley
1pm - 9pm
Lynn Valley
10am - 6pm
Lynn Valley
10am - 7pm
Lynn Valley
9am - 6pm
Lynn Valley


Long/Thick Haircut