Jennilyn finished her professional hairstyling program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in October 2022. She did her work experience at Zazou and later decided to continue at Zazou. She also has a BA in Communication in the Philippines.

Her hair philosophy is that hair completes the overall look of an individual. It can also be a statement or an expression. Hairdressing is all about shape, texture,  and form that put together to complete the look of a person.

Jennilyn’s favourite service to perform is haircutting and colouring.

Jennilyn loves vibrant colours and hair bleaching, that is why she loves the PCC Treatment because of how it restores the integrity of the hair.

Jennilyn is an ambivert (a person who has both introverted and extroverted tendencies). She loves the summer and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and paddle boarding. She likes to stay at home, wrapped in her blanket with a snack while watching movies during the cold weather.

Jennilyn is a Capricorn! She is hardworking and ambitious.

Hours / Location

9am - 3pm
Lynn Valley
Lynn Valley
9am - 6pm
Lynn Valley


Long/Thick Haircuts