Brand & Business Development Lead

“My passion is working with people, helping them learn and grow and being the brand ambassador. The opportunities with Zazou have been endless and I’m always looking forward to the next challenge! I believe that everyone can continue to grow. I love reading books and attending seminars both local and abroad to expand my skillset and communicate the Zazou brand to our community in new innovative ways. I love being part of planning and organizing some of the great initiatives Zazou does for education, community, and the environment.”

Janine has been a team member of Zazou for over 13 years. She grew up here. She began as a part time concierge and grew into the Brand & Business Development Lead. All those signs, bus ads, online posts you see? That’s her! She is a graduate from Capilano University’s BBA program with a Major in Marketing and has continued to expand her skillset in Leadership and mentorship during her time at Zazou.

The Teint Natural Foundation is Janine’s go-to makeup product. She loves keeping her skin hydrated with La Capsule Hydratante from La Biosthetique. Janine loves experimenting with different hair colours and the PCC treatment allows her to explore without her hair falling out! You never know what hair colour she’s going to try next. She’s ranged from a deep chocolate brown, auburn, platinum blonde, pink, purple…it goes on. When you work with such a talented team of hairstylists why not have fun!

She loves travelling to new countries and experiencing new cultures. She is married to a wonderful man with the same goals and dreams as herself. Janine’s fun fact is that she’s been part of dance groups such as Army of Sass and Empower where she performs on stage with a group of fabulous, strong and empowering women. She loves sharing good food and drinks with friends and gets super competitive at games nights.

Janine is a Libra. She is a master of compromise, is kind, a lover of beauty, harmony and peace.