“Hair is so personal and should always be personalized. Have fun with your hair! Be bold, be different…change is fun!”

Bruce began his career with the fire in his heart to one day open his own salon. This dream became a reality in 1992 when Bruce opened his very first three chair salon in Lynn Valley. As his dreams grew, Bruce realized his salon had to as well. This is when he packed up shop and moved across the street to open a new salon with almost twenty chairs! This choice was the beginning of Zazou as we know it today. As a third-generation stylist, hairdressing runs through Bruce’s veins.

Although much of Bruce’s time is now spent managing the salon and bringing the team snacks, he still has a passion for hair – especially short cuts! Bruce swears by energizing shampoo if you are looking to keep your hair full and slow hair loss… not that he needs it.

Bruce loves to work hard and play hair. He constantly feels blessed and fortunate that he has the job of his dreams. The beauty industry is so fun and ever changing and moving. Working with a talented, loving group of people gets Bruce up in the morning.

Libras are known for being balanced and valuing equality. Bruce believes his sign far outweighs the rest.