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Say Goodbye to Dandruff!


Where the problem starts:

In most cases, a scaly scalp is naturally predisposed to being highly sensitive or it rapidly becomes highly irritated as a result or permanent or recurring dandruff.

The consequences of leaving your scalp untreated:

A vicious cycle occurs, micro-organisms cause damage to sensitive scalps which then produce more and more dandruff.

How to treat the problem:

Dermosthetique anti-pelliculaire is an intensive therapy that targets the causes of dandruff and the treatments ingredients help alleviate scalp sensitivity.


Active ingredients:



Mimosa Bark Extract 

-Prevents dandruff from forming

Licorice Root Extract 

-Calms irritated, itchy scalp


-Slows and prevents dandruff formation


Not sure if this treatment is for you? Our team has been thoroughly trained to pinpoint exactly what your scalp needs with a fail-proof scalp test!