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One Tree Planted and Zazou

Thank you once again for helping Zazou plant trees in British Columbia! Planting trees in this region has so many incredible impacts like recovering areas affected by large-scale fires, improving forest health by planting young, well-placed trees, and restoring habitat for its iconic wildlife species. We have planted over 2200 trees thanks to your support!

Zazou and its Referral Program are proud to continue this effort with One Tree Planted and you! Click Here to donate yourself if all your friends are already Zazou guests!

To help share the ongoing impact your trees will have, please help us by referring your friends to Zazou! We’ve included photos from One Tree Planted of completed and active British Columbia projects we’ve received from planting partners as they get their hands in the dirt (literally) and ensure your trees yield the biggest impact.
Thank you so much to our team and guests like you for pushing this project forward! We cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store!