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La Biosthetique Skin Care

We just love the hair and scalp care products so much that we have started carrying the La Biosthetique skin care line too!


‘Dermatologists and bio-chemists innovate precious formulations in their state-of-the art laboratories, delivering you unparalleled luxury skincare.  Nestled in the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany, each of their products are carefully created using pure, raw ingredients of the highest caliber and merited on outstanding performance’. ~ La Biosthetique


DERMOSTHETIQUE ANTI-AGE – CELL-ACTIVE ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE Dermatological research and innovative bio-technology have inspired a highly effective care that minimises the symptoms of aging at a cellular level.Suitable for very sensitive skins, it has been designed to tackle various signs of skin aging:

    • Combats wrinkles deep down.
    • Moisturises, fortifies for a visibly smoother and firmer skin.
    • Youthful and energetic radiance.
    • Significant improvement of the skin’s moisture and reduction of wrinkle depth after 12 hours.

SPA ACTIF – Treat your skin to a break: Seagrass, green microalgae and seawater are some of the activating ingredients that provide the skin with a healthy microflora. Together they form the caring Spa Actif complex, which quickly leaves even dry skin feeling soft and smooth.

    • Revitalizing 
    • Refreshing
    • Smoothing & Toning
    • Moisturizing

DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF – CELL ACTIVE MOISTURE THERAPY Hydro-Actif delivers intense moisture and is suitable for dehydrated skin of any age, skin type and skin condition. By directly influencing the body’s own ability to create and retain moisture, this treatment regime:

    • Reduces fine lines with plumping effect.
    • Increases skin’s firmness through cell-boost factor.
    • Nourishes dry scaly skin and brightens complexion.
    • Soothes sensitivities, redness and itchiness in skin.
    • 31% increase in skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid after 75 hours.
    • 78% increase in moisture after 2 hours
    • 31% increase in hyaluronic production

METHODE REGENERANTE – SUPER FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN Advanced cell-active ingredients, outstanding performance and nutrient rich products to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

    • Visibly more radiant skin after just one application.
    • Long- term benefits for maintaining youthful skin for longer.
    • Highly suitable for sensitive skin.

METHODE CLARIFIANTE – SKIN CARE FOR OILY & ACNE PRONE SKIN A skin-regulating collection that clears impurities without harming the skin’s delicate moisture balance. Based on special active substances which normalise sebum production and clarify the skin.

    • Skin inflammations are quickly reduced, acne breakouts stop.
    • Pores are refined and skin looks clearer and fresher.
    • The texture of the skin is smooth and soft without harsh, drying effects.

METHODE SENSITIVE – SKINCARE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, Methode Relaxante delivers deep penetrating care and moisture with the most gentle care. In addition to genetic predisposition or stress, external factors such as air conditioning, heated rooms and environmental smog can lead to your skin developing sensitive reactions.

    • Irritation, itch and tightness come to an end.
    • Each product builds the skin’s natural defenses and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier against future irritants.
    • Skin condition is improved.
METHODE POUR HOMME – MEN’S FOCUS Formulated with precious ingredients and fragranced with the light scent of frankicense, Methode Pour Homme delivers luxury care for male clientele.This range of seven essential products gives intelligent solutions to the needs of men’s skin and hair for a well-groomed fresh appearance.