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La Biosthétique – Sustainability Trailblazing

As the winner of the Global Transition Award, La Biosthétique has proven  that it is working in harmony with the Paris Climate Agreement. Nonetheless, the company has no intention to put the award on display and hang up their work. In fact, the opposite applies:
The award has inspired La Biosthétique to set its ambitious objectives for 2030.  The German Sustainability Award is Europe’s biggest award for social and ecological commitment. More than 1000 companies submitted entries for consideration. Although the award was presented in the category of <<Design>>, it is about more than just appearances. It focuses on the core principle of a brilliant idea: the design for the model of Climate-Neutral La Biosthétique Salons.

Reducing CO2 emissions is also a matter of the heart for the company. The model therefore highlights the most important ways of doing so and enables each individual partner to lower its CO₂ emissions by an average of 30 percent. The model was designed based on the key concept of minimum effort for the salon partner and maximum effect for climate protection. This model offers huge transformational potential – it is easily scalable, and the potential target group is huge. Imagine a future world in which every branch of a number of global players from the fields of gastronomy, retail, crafts and trade worldwide saves 30 % of its CO2 emissions and offsets them in accordance with UN standards.