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Is your scalp feeling dry?


Either the sebaceous glands, that connect the hair to the scalp, produce too little sebum or, thescalp is dehydrated as a result of using the wrong products and/or environmental influences.


Dry scalp, a tight and itchy scalp sensation, white flakes that can be visibly seen on the scalp


Méthode Vitalisante gives relief to dry scalp by stimulating sluggish sebaceous glands which are responsible for the scalp’s moisture balance. By delivering nutrients and prompting improved circulation, the scalp returns to a healthy environment.
  • Deeply conditions dry scalp with moisture and revives elasticity and shine to brittle hair.
  • Dryness, redness and irritation are soothed.
  • Both the hair and the scalp regain the protective barrier of natural oils that keep damaging environmental factors at bay.

Products in the Vitalisante Line

Shampooing Lipokérine B – $34.75

  • Lipokérine B shampoo provides extremely mild and gentle cleansing of dry scalps. Brittle hair celebrates more shine and softness.

Lotion Ergines B – $32.50

  • This scalp lotion soothes and restores dry and sensitive scalps’ moisture balance as soon as you begin washing. The lotion enrobes the scalp like an invisible veil and develops its full power with natural, conditioning ingredients.