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How to keep up with bangs

With the rage of bangs coming back we have some tips and tricks for you to keep them looking like the day you left the salon!

  1. Wash them everyday:
    • We know we know its a hassle and if your hair doesn’t get too greasy too fast you can skip this step or use dry shampoo! The less weighed down they are the more wispy and “effortless” they look! This will also help reduce any breakouts if you are prone!
  2. Texture spray:
    • Your new BFF! We love this one from Davines! It will help you keep them right where you want them with no crunchy hairspray!
  3. Round Brush:
    • There are plenty of sizes to choose from so ask your stylist what they think will be best for your style! Properly blow drying them into place can help to keep them as bouncy or finessed as you like!
  4. Regular Trims:
    • Talk to your stylist about how often you should come in for a touch up. These appointments are often complimentary at Zazou and take less than 15 min!
  5. Enjoy them!
    • Bangs are a fun an flirty way to change up your look without the drasticness of a chop or dye. They’ll grow out and you can try all kinds of styles as they do! (you can also clip them back or braid them into your hair if you need a break)