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HOMME – A Line For Men

The Homme men’s range is precisely geared towards men’s skin and hair needs, and fulfills the most demanding needs in a man’s daily care routine.

Every man has personal needs when it comes to his appearance, from head to toe, from shaving to hairstyling. With Homme La Biosthétique offers an outstanding masculine care range for men’s skin and hair.

Every single member of the Homme range offers the highest-level performance, their collaboration lifts it to a new level. Just like the product effect, the masculine scent composition also plays a key role. Sensuous, earthy depth, fresh accents and strong, clear harmonies – a scent that emphasizes a man’s individual personality.

Eau de Toilette Homme

Man, his scent, his style: Masculine men’s scent with a tangy note that emphasizes your individual personality with fresh accents and warm, earthy tones.

Hair Beard Body Wash

3 in 1: Shower gel, shampoo and beard shampoo in one. This delightfully scented all in one product gently and reliably cleanses whilst conditioning skin and hair.

Hair & Scalp Tonic

Refreshing scalp tonic with cooling effect: Hair & Scalp Tonic that is combined with a scalp massage to positively affect hair growth and thickness.

Shaving Gel

Shaving gel for smooth skin and a gentle and thorough shave.

After Shave Face & Beard Care

For velvety soft skin and soft beard hair. This conditioning all in one product is energising and supplies the cells with an extra portion of oxygen.

Fiber Paste

Fibre paste for men: for perfectly shapeable styles with a remodelling effect thanks to the non-hardening, creamy texture.

Powder Wax

Powder wax for men: instantly gives fine hair much more lift and volume whilst improving structure and texture.