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Contessa 2014 Winner!

The Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards – the Contessas – are the gold standard in Canadian beauty awards with the longest-running track record of excellence. Since 1988, each year the Contessas bring the best of Canada’s talent together to measure their creativity in a photo-based competition. 

Watch the full awards ceremony below!

The Contessa winners are announced at what Salon Magazine calls an ‘über-glam gala’ held every year in Toronto where the winners are announced to a full house of more than 1,000 guests. The event begins with an fancy cocktail party where you get to meet and talk to some of the ‘big wigs’ of the industry and then follows with an after-party at one of the poshest clubs in Toronto.

“It’s basically the Academy Awards for the beauty industry.” – Bruce Peters.

This year two of our team members made Top 5 finalists across Canada! Well done to Kimberley Turmel and Cassandra Lounsbury.  They flew to Toronto to enjoy the extravaganza and to see if they won!

Cassandra Lounsbury won first place in her category for Best New Hairstylist.

“The talent at the show, and the other talent was amazing. I am so honoured!” ~ Cassandra

For both of them to be Top 5 across Canada has been an amazing inspiration for the entire team.  Half the team has shown up for our most recent Contessa 2014 meeting for support and because we all want to be a part of it! 

“It was an incredible experience to make it to the final round of the Contessa’s.  Being in a room among the top people in the industry was very exciting and inspiring.  It definitely made me want to work even harder next year to get back there!” ~ Kim

Click here to view their work!

Watch Bruce Peters interview both of them about their experience!