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Busting Hair Myths!


Myth 1: Purple shampoo makes your blonde brighter

If overused purple shampoo can actually make your hair appear darker, if you have been using it too often your hair may appear grey, purple, and muddy. It is best to start using your purple shampoo once every two weeks once you start noticing too much warmth. We recommend the Glam Colour mask in “Crystal” this product will also nourish your hair while depositing as many purple shampoos can be quite drying.

Glam Color No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal

Myth 2: You don’t need heat protection

A heat protectant should be a vital step to your hair care routine. Not only does it help your colour last but it also help seal the hair cuticle preventing split ends. Our favourite heat protection spray is the evo hair icon welder spray.

evo icon welder

Myth 3: Air drying is better for you hair then blow-drying 

Not always… While you don’t want to use excessive amounts of heat on the hair if your properly blow-drying your hair it can actually improve the heath of your hair. When the hair is wet it is in it’s most vulnerable and fragile state making you much more prone to breakage and pulling. If you are blow-drying gently and using a heat protector it will help seal down the cuticle.


Myth 4: Colour works better on dirty hair

Colour actually applies best on clean hair free of dry shampoos and product build up. But don’t worry if you don’t have time to wash your hair before your next appointment your roots will still be covered;)