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Buck Naked Soap Company

What makes Buck Naked Soap Company different? What sets us apart from other personal care brand?

  • Soaps are bigger!
  • We research each product like it was the first. Thereby maximizing its skin loving benefits.
  • Their products are, natural, vegan, sustainable and handmade
  • Products made with minimal processing and do not include synthetic or harsh chemicals, or otherwise dilute the purity.
  • Ingredients come from purposeful, renewable and plentiful sources found in nature.
  • There are no synthetic preservatives in our products
  • All ingredients are naturally derived, including scents and colours
  • They give back to the community that gives to us
    • Social responsibility and sustainability are at the core of the Buck Naked Soap Company’s philosophy. They donate 1% of annual profits to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Their intention is to support national and international conservation projects and species at risk, including the Orangutan.
    • Their Rafiki Soap Bar Duo or WE Bar is handmade by a mama in Kenya, who earns a sustainable income to provide for her family. With the purchase of one of these you are helping provide access to clean water in Kenya for the families of the women who made this very Soap Bar.
    • Buck Naked Charity Grab Bag – They value what goes into landfills, Buck Naked collects all slightly malformed, broken and otherwise damaged soaps, bath bombs and other products throughout the year. When we have enough product on hand we donate these slightly imperfect products directly to local shelters. This year, we have decided to sell these pieces directly to the public in the form of 500g Charity Grab Bags.
  • They make their raw ingredients where feasible, i.e. their Almond Milk
  • Where possible, we source our ingredients locally
  • Their products are rich and luxurious…without the price tag
  • Products are bio-degradable
  • Cruelty free


When was the last time you had a mud pie!? Treat your skin and embrace your inner child with your luxury Mud Pie masks. No chemicals, no preservatives, only natural goodness. Just add water!




Our all-natural vegan soaps are formulated to moisturize and clean all skin types. Using only the best natural oils, essential oils, botanicals and herbs, our amazing collection of soaps is hard to beat.They will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, hydrated and clean.




Our hand-packed bath bombs help you maintain healthy-looking, hydrated skin with a blend of conditioning and moisturizing ingredients. Each one has been designed to set a particular mood and create a calm and luxurious experience. They are a new must in your bathing ritual.




Bathing is more than just cleansing the skin. It is a time honoured and lavish experience to calm the mind, body, and soul. Nurture and enrich this sacred experience with Buck Naked bath melts to help transform your tub into a luxurious oasis.




Transform your bath into an indulgent spa oasis with our pure, uncompromised bath salt soaks. With 100% natural formulation, they are perfect for relaxing after a long day as they help soothe sore muscles, relieve dry and itchy skin.



LIP BALM $4.50

We all know that our skin changes as we age – and our lips are no exception. Many people experience fine lines, texture changes and dryness over time. Proper care and the moisture balance of our lip-loving product line will help you maintain luscious, kissable lips for years to come.



Whether you live where it’s warm and dry or cold and wet, extreme conditions can do a number on your skin – leading to chafing, cracking, itchiness, inflammation, and even infections. They help keep your skin soft and supple all year round. Use daily.


BARK NAKED $5 – $15

Simple and pure is best – especially when it comes to the loyal companions and furry family members we call our pets. As an animal-friendly haven, we’ve created Bark Naked, a division within Buck Naked Soap Company. Because your pet deserves the very best in natural vegan skin care too.