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Bodie + Co. Turkish Hand Towels

Turkish hand towels from Bodie + Co. are in! Bodie + Co. is a Vancouver based company who appreciates top quality home goods. Made with 100% natural turkish cotton, hand loomed in turkey. Unlike most towels, Turkish towels get softer and more luscious the more you wash and use it!❤️

These hand towels make for a great HAIR TOWEL too!

Before use, soak towel in cold water over night and hang to dry. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and will condition your towel to reach its maximum absorbency.

Why do I need to soak my towels before using them? Natural cotton needs to be trained to be absorbent. By soaking the towels, you are giving the cotton a jumpstart that is equivalent to repeated washings. After that, each machine wash will make them softer and more absorbent!