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These 5 Makeup Tips will Transform your Aging Skin

Make up isn’t a one size fits all model. Every face and all artists are different and unique. If you find you’re aging like a fine wine, but your tried and true makeup routine no longer works, here are some quick and easy tips to freshen up and enhance your natural beauty.

1. No Need for Powder

Powders often have a drying effect on the skin which can be beneficial for overly oily skin, but did you know as skin ages, it dries out? To keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, skip out on this step of your makeup routine.

If you are set on using a powder, take an added step to apply extra moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. Stop by the salon or book in today for a complimentary skin analysis to find out what is best for your skin

2. Easy Foundation Routine

You’ve got nothing to hide! Enhance your natural beauty instead of covering it up by mixing your foundation and moisturizer creating your own DIY moisturizer! This will allow your skin to breath and feel moisturized all day without the cakey finish of many foundations.

3. Exfoliation is Key

Part of keeping your skin looking bright and vibrant involves consistent upkeep and a bit of TLC. Make exfoliating a key part of your skincare routine for more seamless makeup application. Did you know there are more than one kind of exfoliant? Find a cleanser with a course texture to work as a physical exfoliant. Looking for a different option? Pick up a toner with active ingredients that will work as a chemical exfoliant as an alternative.

4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your routine! Makeup can be a great opportunity to express yourself so don’t restrict your selection to neutral tones. Pop on a bold lip or a glittery eye shadow to show the world your luxurious side

5. Say Yes to Confidence

The best way to look and feel beautiful is to be comfortable in your own skin. Wear your age and wisdom with pride and you’ll be glowing. Do what makes you feel best regardless of what anybody tells you. Say yes to confidence, say yes to beautiful!