Zazou Salon & Academy ‘New Normal’ Update

We can reduce our COVID FEE! Look at us go 😊

Good news on the horizon. We like to be pro-active instead of reactive. We have begun to recover the costs of re-opening and are getting back on track. There is still a long road ahead of us and we anticipate the need to change and adapt to our situation, however, we feel like the fact that we can begin reducing our fee is cause for celebration! Our goal and our commitment are long term guest satisfaction and care. As we promised, as of October 1st, we will begin to reduce our Covid Fee to $6.55.

When we start to see capacity restrictions ease, when we can decrease our labour costs for team members scheduled solely for disinfection, minimize other related expenses, and see our revenues return to pre-covid numbers we can completely eliminate the Covid Fee. Unlike other businesses where they increased prices permanently, we remain transparent with our added costs, we will be removing the fee where others may not.

We would like to thank our entire community for their continued support during this difficult time. We would not be getting through this without you.

We are all in this together.