Zazou Salon & Academy NEW NORMAL Protocols

Zazou Salon & Academy ‘NEW NORMAL’ Protocols

We’re open as of May 20th!

Zazou Salon & Academy has been taking this time during our closure to research what other salons in other countries and provinces have been doing as they begin to return to work. As we experience apprehension upon our return we want to ensure our team and guests feel confident that we’ve taken the necessary measures to be safe.

Zazou has decided to take the step in making it mandatory for our entire team to be BeautySafe Certified before coming back to work. This helps our team feel confident in their knowledge of sanitation and to make sure they are up to date with the expectations.

BeautySafe Certification was developed with the assistance of Cosmetology & Health Professionals from across Canada, including:

  • BC Centre of Disease Control
  • Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia
  • Fraser Health
  • Ministry of Health (PSE Guidelines)
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
  • WorkSafe BC

The safety of our guests and team is our top priority, therefore we have implemented the following measures at Zazou and expect the need to adjust or add steps once we have been given official guidelines from our BC Government.

  • By appointment only. No walk ins.
  • We have extended our business hours.
  • We have restricted scheduling and closed half our stations to limit the number of people who can be in our space at one time.
  • Cleaning and or/disinfection of all surfaces and implements between every guest.
  • Laundering all capes and linens and dried at high heat. Every guest has new, clean linen that has been stored appropriately along with neck guards.
  • Any non-essential items that could potentially transfer germs has been removed. (Ie. Magazines, appointment reminder cards, etc). Complimentary WiFi is available for use and they may bring their own reading material
  • Ensuring the sanitation of payment machines between guests and encourage contactless payment when possible.
  • Ensured our team has the appropriate PPE to be used during services including masks, disposable gloves and face shields.
  • Discontinued the practice of handshaking and non-essential contact for the time being.
  • Waiting area is temporarily closed with no walk ins.
  • We have social distancing stickers on the floor to know where to comfortably stand along with indicators on the floor.
  • We have plexi-glass barriers sneeze guards at the front desk.
  • Clear signage communicating our procedures to our guests.
  • Scalp massages have been halted for the time being to shorten the shampooing time.
  • Pre-screening of our team members.
  • If our team is experiencing any symptoms or feels sick, they will be asked to stay home, and we will reschedule all their guests.

Guest Arrival Procedure:

  • We ask that guests wear a mask. If they do not have one, we have disposable masks available that they can purchase for $2.
  • We recommend arriving no earlier than five minutes before their appointment.
  • Guests will call to let us know they have arrived or give us a wave from outside.
  • We will either let them know they can come in or ask them to wait until their stylist has finished their previous guest and has had time to disinfect and sanitize their station.
  • We are communicating with guests to please be patient if we are running behind! Everyone’s hair is needing a bit more TLC than usual and we are taking extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • We will then call guests when we are ready.
  • Arrive at the door and give us a wave. We will ask them some pre-screening questions regarding any symptoms or travel before entry. We also ask you to agree and to sign a Guest Waiver Form.
  • We will now have a $7.55 COVID FEE added to every service. This is to help us provide all the necessary PPE and disinfectant product required to keep you safe and allow for the additional time needed to sanitize thoroughly between each and every guest as we function in a restricted scheduling world.
  • We will ask them to wash their hands upon arrival or use hand sanitizer that will be provided.
  • Once they have cleared the assessment and washed their hands than you will be directed to your stylist and their station.
  • Jackets must be kept with them at their station. If it is nice out it is recommended to leave their jacket in the car.
  • Groups cannot come into Zazou at one time. No friends or family are permitted to join unless they have an appointment.
  • If they are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell in any way, we ask that they reschedule their appointment as they may be asked to leave if our team feels they cannot confidently perform their service.
  • We will have a strict no-show policy as our schedule is limited. Cancellation fees will be waved at this time, however, if they do not arrive for their appointment without notice and we do not hear from them we will ask them to pay for this service in full when coming in for their next appointment.

Through these measures we feel confident that our we can keep our team and our guests can enjoy an exceptional experience while remaining safe.

There is a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion in our industry at the moment. This is completely understandable. This is an unprecedented situation that we hope no business or individual needs to do in the future. Through these new procedures we hope to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 now and in the future.

If anyone wants support or wants to discuss ideas, we are available and happy to help. We know this is a very isolating time for everyone and connection is extremely important. Let us continue to support each other with positive feedback and input and problem solve together.

We are all in this together.