Zazou Lead Retreat 2015

Every year Zazou takes it’s leaders (and Bruce) on a retreat to plan the years’ strategic action plans. It’s a grueling 3 to 4 days of hard work, idea generation, and working together as a team to develop successful plans to help better our guest and team experience. Then….we get 4 days of play!

Last year was such a hoot during Pride Ski Week that we just had to go back! We attended the majority of the events, including a Margaret Cho comedy show! For anyone familiar with her it was fantastic, outlandish, and hilarious.

We decided to face ourfears and went to the Whistler Sliding Center and bobsledded down the fastest track in the world. They went 126.1 km/h and it took only 40.65 seconds from start to finish. Woohoo!!!

It was an amazing week and the leads are excited for the next strategic planning retreat! We’re excited for what the year has in store!