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Womens Hair Fashion for Fall

Summer has come and gone ladies! The season is going to start changing and fall is just around the corner.

Have you been wondering what you should do to your hair for this seasonal transition? We all know that our hair has a very important role in each of our appearances. I have some simple guidelines to help you and your stylist choose the perfect tones for your hair to give you  “just the  right” fall look.

“Naturalness” is a key word in the fashion industry for fall of 2011. When it comes to choosing a hair colour for fall we should focus on the naturalness in tones and skin complexion. The ultimate goal is to choose the right fit for you to bring out the natural beauty we all possess.

Red hair is definitely amongst the top colour in the hair trends for fall. Red hair is an absolutely perfect combination for women who are freckled. With this hair colour, you can either decide to go with a very dramatic tone or with a more natural looking red tone.

Blonde hair is definitely one that is highly popular, especially throughout this year. There is no doubt that blonde hair has a way of bringing out and enhancing ones sex appeal. When it comes to blonde there is such a vast variety of different shades that it provides the ability to have endless possibilities.

Brown hair is always a safe bet as it compliments most skin tones, which creates an extremely popular choice throughout the years and 2011 is absolutely no exception. The variety of shades that brown hair can come in, from dark chocolate to light caramel, creates the propensity to be suitable for many skin complexions depending on which tone best suits your features.  If you have that summer tan still going and want to go brown for fall the best bet would be to go with a wonderful coffee or toffee brown colour.

Black hair is the final hair colour trend that is, dare I say it, permanent. It is a great alternate for women who have a pale complexion to a bit of a tan. Before going with black it is highly recommended that you consult with your hair stylist to be sure that it will suit your skin tone and you’re prepared to have the colour for quite some time. What I’m trying to say is….it’s very difficult to go back to blonde! Black hair is the one hair colour that you have to be careful about as it does not always suit every skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone and blue eyes, do not hesitate, black hair is a perfect compliment for you!

TIP! When it comes to choosing hair tones and colours that enhance your face and not distract from it, keep this in mind: warm skin tones should be partnered with warm hair colours such as auburn, red, copper and gold; whereas cool skin tones are better combined with cool hair colours which would be those in the ash family.  A helpful tip that I read online to tell your true skin tone is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If you have a warm skin tone your veins will have more of a greenish look to them, whereas if you have a cool skin tone your veins will appear blueish.

Eye colour is another indicator of skin tone. Blue eyes signify a cool tone and hazel eyes are warm. Brown eyes can vary because they are generally warm but a dark brown without any gold flecks can be considered a cool tone. Green eyes are flattered by both warm and cool hair colours. Emerald eyes best go in conjunction with red hair. Red and green are complete opposites on the colour wheel and in result are complimentary.  If your skin has a heavy pink undertone, however, your choice of hair colour would be best suited with auburn or auburn-copper hair over bright fiery rouge.

Hopefully these points have helped you in narrowing down your perfect fall hair for 2011! We hope to see you soon and remember to converse with your stylist about different options you may have to create the look you are going for.