Why should you get a manicure?

You may have a dedicated routine to keep your face hydrated and protected from the sun (which is a good thing), but what about your hands? They need moisture to keep them supple, and they are also at risk for sun damage, which can cause wrinkles and dark spots. It’s important to keep them protected every day.

Just like your hands need to be moisturized, so do your nails. While you have your hand cream out, rub a little into the base and sides of your nails, including the cuticles, the protective barrier between your nails and the skin underneath. Moisturizing your nails and cuticles keeps those areas more pliable and less at risk for cracking, tearing and hangnails, which can open the door to skin infections. If your cuticles are very dry and prone to tears, you may want to consider applying nightly cuticle oil to offer an extra dose of moisture.

Nails provide many purposes and services. Nails shield and sustain the tissues in our fingers and toes. Our nails are made up of hardened skin cells consisting of mainly keratin. Keratin is a protein that can be found in the skin and in the hair. Nails are produced by live cells living in the toes and fingers. There is a matrix underneath the cuticle of the nails referred to as the hidden half-moon, and when new skin cells grow in the matrix (hidden half-moon area), the previous cells are pressed frontward and create a hardened, visible nail.


How Does a Manicure Help Nail Health?

Having a professional manicure performed regularly on your nails can be very helpful in maintaining your overall nail health. A manicure will also help to improve the look of the fingernails and hands. They also assist in the prevention of hang nails, nail damage and developing fragile tips, splits and cuts on the nails. It may also aid in the healing of broken skin around the fingernails. In addition, the massages that are included with manicures help to improve the skin’s health by enhancing blood circulation, consequently discouraging wrinkles on the hands.




What is involved in a Professional Manicure?

A professional manicure includes a nail soak, this softens the cuticles making them easier to remove. Then therapist file and shape the nails. Therapist will always ask the guest their preferred nail shape.  Then there is a polish application.  If you would prefer a  gel polish application instead a nail soak is not included as the nail bed can not be moist to apply the gel. Instead there is more in depth buffing and prepping of the nail bed for the gel polish.