Why nails need a winter vacation?

When summer slips away manicures and pedicures are a necessity that can be forgotten in a busy life. But manicures and pedicures are essential to absolute health. Your hands and feet are the most used body parts, and require the same attention that you’d give to your face or your cardio health. Manicures and pedicures done once a month can improve your quality of life and health exponentially, so take the time to treat your hands and feet.

Having a pedicure or manicure helps in the relaxation of the whole body. We put quite a lot of stress on our hands and feet on a daily basis because off all the work we demand of them.

Through the relaxation process of a manicure and pedicure the body is more capable of dealing with the stresses placed on them from daily living and those associated with illness. Working on the hands and feet gently nudges the body towards improved functioning of the system by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, simulation to the nerve pathways, and muscle relaxation.

Stay healthy and get your fingers and toes glammed with us for the party season. Moving on from neon nail polish colours from spring and summer comes the sombre, yet still festive nails for the fall and winter. Rich, dark tones are livened up by the addition of glittery textures perfect for the upcoming holiday months.