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VOLU – A new Davines/Essential Haircare Product

Are you looking for that extra lift when styling your hair? Do you want as much volume as you can get, but all of your attempts give you momentary solutions? Davines presents VOLU, a new Essential Haircare product that gives ultimate lift for limp hair. This product is dedicated to hair lacking in volume leaving it fluffy, light, bright, and hydrated. I sat down with Zazou Salon Lead Heather Hui and asked her a few questions on the new product that is being used within the facility.

1)     Have you used this product on clients of yours?


2)     Did you notice a difference from using this product compared to styling without the product?

Yes, it gave extra lift at the root and more fullness to the hair.

3)     What are your thoughts on this product? Is it light in the hair?

I love it! It’s so nice for fine hair because it is super light! When styling you can’t feel it in the hair; no stickiness or residue. It smells amazing which is a bonus!

4)     What significant benefits have you noticed from this product?



Great smell

Easy to use

No residue

Not stiff or sticky in the hair

5)     How do you go about using this product? (ie. When applying it to hair)

First, I towel dry the hair, removing as much moisture as possible. Spray liberally through hair focusing on the root area. Comb through, and style as usual.


So if you have limp, fine hair and want some extra volume, ask your stylist upon your next visit about the new VOLU products from the Davines/Essential Haircare.

-Patrik O’Brien