Vegan All Natural Line

Botanique Vegan 100% Natural

Botanique Vegan Pure Nature

Vegan. 100% certified natural cosmetics for hair and skin. Exclusively contains natural scents. Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, sulphates and alcohol additives.

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Botanique “Gentle“

Gentle represents mild care and cleansing with calming extracts of, for example, ginkgo. For this segment Tanja Bochnig created an essential oil of lavender, lemon and rose geranium.

 Botanique Vegan Gentle Volumising Shampoo Gentle Volumizing Shampoo

Conditioning shampoo with a selected combination of plant active ingredients and care substances, strengthens and protects normal hair, improves the hair structure. With balancing scent essences.



 Botanique Vegan Gentle Conditioner Gentle Conditioner

Valuable instant hair care with hair-strengthening, shine-amplifying and conditioning natural substances, makes the hair easy to comb. With balancing scent essences. Do not rinse out.



 Botanique Vegan Gentle Styling Mousse Gentle Styling Mousse

100 percent natural mousse, strengthens and conditions the hair with the power of Mother Nature, without stickiness. With balancing scent essences.


Not yet available

 Botanique Vegan Gentle Cleansing Gel Gentle Cleansing Gel

Gentle cleansing hydrogel for a thorough and relaxing cleansing of face and body. With balancing scent essences.



Botanique “Balancing“

Balancing focuses on harmonisation. Moisture deficits of skin and hair, as well as skin and scalp irritations, are gently remedied by the balancing active ingredients of aloe vera and jojoba. Consequently, the Balancing shampoo contains moisturising aloe vera instead of hair-strengthening components. In addition, the Balancing products are free from perfumes to make them hypoallergenic.

 Botanique Vegan Balancing Shampoo Balancing Shampoo

Balancing shampoo with mild surfactants based on coconut, amino acids and sugar, perfume-free, ideal for sensitive scalps.



 Botanique Vegan Balancing Cream Balancing Cream

Moisture, protection and care with purely natural active ingredients – for all skin types, with a long-term effect. Perfume-free.



 Botanique Vegan Balancing Toner Balancing Toner

Toning hydro-spray for sensitive facial skin, moisturises, calms and cools irritated skin. Perfume-free.




Botanique “Intense”

INTENSE offers invigorating, strengthening care for your hair. Ginseng extract not only contains carbohydrates, peptides and minerals, but also special saponins known as ginsenosides. This unique composition enables ginseng to strengthen the hair. Tanja Bochnig’s aromatherapy scents enhance the effect.

 Botanique Vegan Intense Shampoo Intense Shampoo

Conditioning shampoo with gentle plant surfactants, strengthening ginseng and invigorating unisex scent essences.



 Botanique Vegan Intense Hair & Scalp Oil Intense Hair and Scalp Oil

Rich, intensively nourishing hair and scalp oil. Regenerates and calms dry, sensitive scalps and, used consistently, restores elasticity and shine to the hair.



 Botanique Vegan Intense Mask Intense Mask

Nourishing deep-conditioning treatment with macadamia nut oil and ginseng root extract for soft and shiny hair, suitable for all hair types. With invigorating scent essences.



 Botanique Vegan Intense Styling Cream Intense Styling Cream

Rich styling cream with purely natural waxes for a silky matte shimmer and weightless hold.