Over the past few years, sustainable beauty trends have made leaps and bounds within our industry. This news is amazing and even more amazing is — wait for it! — it’s predicted that 2018 will be the BEST year yet for sustainable beauty! More and more consumers are turning to green beauty products because of special skin and health concerns but that isn’t the only reason. Care for the environment also ranks high among reasons for why people opt to go green. This has resulted in more green brands coming out and some established brands changing their products and practices. Win-win!

Here are a few beauty trends to look forward to this year:

Environmentally-Happy Packaging







Packaging has become a problem that can’t be ignored. Many companies realize this and are dispensing their products in bulk, or using special recyclable and biodegradable packaging. DAVINES is a great example of a green hair products company that cares about sustainability. They package their products with the environment in mind.

Green Salons & Spas




The average salon runs through a lot of water in a day and their electrical appliances run at high speed for all their clients. This is NOT good for the environment! Luckily (as you know), we’ve seen quite a few sustainable salons and spas open up over the years and 2018 should be no different. As green sustainable beauty products grow in number so will the salons that carry those options. After all, there’s clearly a market for it! Salons can look for more information on going green at Green Circle Salons.

Check out how much waste was diverted in 2017 here! 

Watch out world, sustainable beauty now has a HUGE market and ALL salons need to be doing their part!