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Tips for the perfect summer make-up

Summer is full of pleasures but melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and supersticky lipstick are not among them. In hot weather applying your makeup should be simple.

1. Primer. You won’t regret the few seconds it will take to smooth on a primer, which goes on after a moisturizer but before makeup. It provides a smooth base for whatever goes on next.
2. Lighten your face makeup.  Just as you switch to lighter clothing, you can do the same with your make up. Swap foundation for tinted moisturizer by trying Jane Iredale Amazing Dream Tint.
3. Bronzer. Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter — everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin. Try Jane Iredale So Bronze.
4. Stop shine, add glow. A slick T-zone instantly says “I’m hot” — doesn’t mean sexy. To eliminate shine in seconds, nothing beats blotting papers. They’re cheap, easy, and amazing.
5. Switch out thick lipsticks. Since heavy lip colours often feel like overkill once the weather warms up, many women opt for clear balm or skip their lips altogether. But just because you’re feeling low-maintenance doesn’t mean you have to look it. A simple lip gloss can add impact and add to that summer look.
6. Waterproof. If you tried waterproof mascaras once but found them less than stellar, it’s time to give ’em another go. They used to be brittle, crumbly, and flaky, but today’s formulas are much better.