The Ecaille “Tortoiseshell” Colour Trend

Nick from Wella at Zazou today educating our team on the newest and trendiest Ecaille (AKA “tortoiseshell”) hair coloring technique for 2015! The next step with ombré!

More info please!
“Ombre ruled for 2014 colour. Now we’re starting to see a shift. As we step into the new year we’re beginning to see a more natural trend attached to those tresses. The leading force toward this minimal vibe: balayage, increasingly popular highlights that aim to mimic those sunkissed highlights you got as a kid. And now, piggybacking off balayage, we’re seeing another similar, albeit darker, technique that is about to go mane-stream over the course of 2015: introducing ecaille (AKA “tortoiseshell” in French).” ~ information from Brit & Co.