The Circle Chronicles

Bring your hair full circle with these fun masks that reawaken strength and vitality from scalp to tips. Ask your stylist for a treatment during your service, or take one home to practice self care between salon visits.


extraordinary illuminating hair mask that adds a boost of shine to the cut and color.


Reinvigorating mask that gives back energy, volume and hydration to the hair and scalp. It wakes hair up after stressful situations (flights, nights out) or exposure to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, UV rays).


Repairing hair mask that gives new life to hair damaged from heat styling, sun, chlorine, or frequent color services. Restores healthy shine, nourishment and softness to hair. Also perfect for those who love outdoor sports or swimming.


Reviving, purifying and antioxidants scalp and hair mask that removes impurities from pollution (dust, heavy metals) and completes the perfect purifying routine.

Quick Fix

Express fix hair mask. It hydrates and detangles hair in only 3 minutes, making it soft, silky and manageable