Yuko started cutting hair in the US while she was in University. At the time it was just for fun. Then her hairstylist from Japan gifted her with a pair of scissors that he used to use, along with a cape and some basic techniques. From their Yuko cut more people’s hair and decided to go to hair school. She then attended the Aveda Institute Hair Academy in Vancouver.

Yuko likes to make sure to understand what your beauty standard is and to make you feel beautiful inside and out! She believes that confident is the biggest source of beauty so she will make you feel confident with the cut that requires minimum styling everyday.

Yuko loves giving people a nice head massage when shampooing. She absolutely enjoys cutting. Vidal Sassoon inspired her at a young age. Creating straight lines and curves within natural hair that looks chic, cool and easy to maintain is her kind of style.

Yuko love, love, loves the La Biosthetique hydrating fluid. It makes her hair so light and super silky and it’s great for all hair types.

Yuko is an active single mom of two beautiful little angels. She loves singing, dancing and writing. You’ll find Yuko vacuuming and mopping with a set up headphones and singing and dancing around the house on her days off. Reading and writing are her daily therapy. She is not a big fan of movies or shows, but loves to watch live music on YouTube.

Yuko is an Aquarius. The traits that are most like her are a sense of beauty and a  unique way of thinking. Just like water, she is very adaptive, yet can be powerful at times. Her friends often say she is unpredictably predictive.

Hours / Location

9am - 6pm (bi-weekly)
Lynn Valley
9am - 3pm
Lynn Valley
9am - 6pm (bi-weekly)
Lynn Valley