People have their own head shape, face shape, and growth patters of the hair. Based on that, Soyoka always finds out through the consultation what the best hairstyle for you is. Also, according to your lifestyle, she offers low-maintenance hairstyle so that you don’t have to struggle with styling your hair by yourself.

Soyoka got into the beauty industry when she was 5 years old because of her mom, who is an esthetician. Since then, she is attracted to the possibilities of beauty and completed Cosmetology Diploma at Vancouver Community College in February 2023.

Soyoka is passionate about making your hair amazingly healthier and specializes in hair treatments with a wonderful scalp massage.

Dry Hair Conditioning Spray from La Biostethetique is her lifesaver! It wakes makes her hair softer and shinier just by spraying it.

Soyoka is friendly and easy going! She is a foodie as well. When she’s away from the salon, she would be trying new restaurants or faces with her friends or reading a book at the beach and enjoying the sunshine!

This lovely lady is a Leo and is known for her warm heart and charisma.

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