“When life does not allow you to change anything, change your hair”

Raisa moved to Vancouver from Hong Kong and finished the VCC Hair and Skincare Program to become a hairstylist. She has a passion for the beauty industry. Her goal is to enhance the beauty of individuals and perpetually evolve their looks.

While there may be no universally perfect face shape, the right hairstyle can be your personal canvas. Your hairstyle is akin to your second face, and making the right choice can magnify your overall appearance twofold. Perfection may be elusive, but with a touch of customization, you can unveil your own distinctive and captivating beauty.

Raisa’s favourite services to perform are highlights!

Raisa likes to use the Long Hair Weightless Conditioning Oil and Protective Conditioning Fluid from La Biosthetique because it helps with her hair becoming intensively shiny with a smooth finish.

Raisa enjoys social gatherings with friends, relishing in the camaraderie that accompanies these moments. She has an undeniable affection for desserts, and the Hong Kong-style Dim Sum holds a special place in her heart. When she is off work, you’ll often find her immersed in a Netflix series, finding solace and entrainment in captivating stories. Raisa radiates cheerfulness, embracing a free-spirited and easy-going personality that resonates with my love for a carefree lifestyle. Her heart truly belongs to small animals, particularly dogs, as their presence brings her immense joy and companionship.

As a Gemini, she is known for her adaptability, curiosity, and excellent communication skills. She possess a versatile and playful personality. Her love for learning and socializing makes her a dynamic and engaging individual.