Megan | New Talent Stylist

“Everyone looks their most beautiful with healthy, balanced skin. Bringing balance to the skin gives you confidence and helps you achieve your overall look.”

Megan has attended Blanche Macdonald and Vancouver Massage School and has worked with some of the greatest teachers she could have ever asked for. Megan has also attended La Biosthetique’s training programs for beauty and product knowledge.

Chatting about skincare and makeup is what keeps Megan going every day. She really enjoys helping people achieve their beauty goals and with skin analysis and makeup tutorials. Megan cannot live without La Biosthetique’s Elixer Vitalite!

In her free time, Megan enjoys playing with her seven-year-old son, husband, and dog. Megan is an artist, a crafter, a theatre go-er and a yogi.

Megan is an Aries and full of creative passion. She will never shy away from trying or learning something new. Possibilities and change drive her forward.