Dylan has won 3 awards in photo shooting competitions, where there is collaboration with a model to create a hairstyle and submit the photoshoot of the work.  One of the competitions awarded him an international award and the others he walked home with two national awards.

He’s spent a lot of time in sweaty tents clambering over hairstylists and models with bobby pins and enough hairspray in hand to knock out an elephant at fashion shows.  Almost lost his fingerprints to the stuff.  He’s had the pleasure of leading teams of hairstylists at events and cutting his teeth with wig prepping in the early years, almost almost losing his finger prints to a glue gun in those years too.  Don’t ask him how a glue gun can pertain to hairshow preparation.

He’s been a session stylist, cutting away on stage with a Britany Spears microphone attached to his face as he delivers the latest and greatest to crowds of hundreds.

As far as education goes…he jokes that he never went to school for it, but in his 13 years he’s attended more classes than he can count.  He’s mentored under Marc Reise, the Creative Director of La Biosthetique Canada for several years.  He’s attended a month long mentorship program under Alexander Dinter, the Creative Director of La Biosthetique International at the Pforzheim Germany Academy.  He’s completed a couple months of training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and a couple week long stints at the Toronto and LA locations.  He’s reconfigured his thumbprint permanently, learning razor cutting at the Bumble and Bumble Academy in New York.  And a whole slew of refresher courses here in Vancouver. So, it’s safe to say he went to school.

Hairstyling philosophy…

Your hair should be the favourite pair of jeans that you put on every day.  It shouldn’t hang in your closet for the weekend, or look better when you lose 5 pounds, or have so many buttons that the busyness of the morning leaves them draped over the chair in your bedroom.  It’s part of your uniform, the face you present to the world.  You.  Whether you’re a blowout, a flat press, or a wash and go, it’s where you are most comfortable.  He’s not interested in placing his idea of a heightened beauty on you.  He’s interested in finding the hair that looks like you.  Maybe you’ve never seen it before, maybe it’s stubbornly hidden under a large mop, or nursing it’s wounds from bleach or wear, but its there, he’s sure of it, and he’ll find you in there somewhere.

Dylan’s favourite services to perform…

He’s a haircutter, through and through.  He likes the immediacy and the spontaneity of it; where every cut made informs the next.  Lately he’s been playing around with a lot of dry cutting.  He finds that it gives a more lived in effect and he can more generously incorporate an individual’s natural texture.

About Dylan….

Foremost, he’s a father. His little tot is the most beautiful part of his life.  He’s also a starving artist.. which isn’t congruent with the whole fatherly thing.  He’s a fiction writer, he makes movies, he acts, he sings, he cooks, he’s done stand up comedy.  Creativity runs through his bones, if there’s something out there that you can think of he’ll try it.. except for dancing, he’s all elbows and knees, really.  He’s an avid reader, movie watcher and consumer of fine foods and booze.  If you’ve got a love for the finer things in life, he’s sure you’ll get on well.

Dylan is a Scorpio… he’s a complete and utter bonehead.


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